We plan and build machinery and custom machines for and according to the requirements of our customers. We have worked with CAD workstations since the 1990s. We are very familiar with Autodesk products. On our CNC turning machines, we manufacture components in a variety of sizes up to a maximum diameter of 760 x 3100 mm. Whether you require individual parts, small batches or series production, we are the right partner for you! We have a great deal of experience in milling steels, heat-treatable steels and Niro materials; light alloys such as aluminium and titanium; powder metallurgical components made from Ti, Al, Cr, Mo, Nb, and many more, as well as material combinations of these; plastics such as PVC, PTFE, PE, PA, and many more; 3-axle, 4-axle and 3D machining; CAM programme creation/hyperMILL®, 2018 release; planning and construction of clamping devices; individual manufacturing to series machining. We also build water jet cutting machines.

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