The first step was taken by Şakir Suda in 1962 with the trade of honey, cheese and olives in Konya. Serving under the title of Şakir Food Market for many years and then started production of Cebel Honey and Cebel Olive products, Şakir Food Market was established in 1991 as Şakir Bal ve Gıda Mad. Exp. Imp. Daher. Tic. Ltd. Sti. received the title. Honey, cheese, olives in 1999 to produce milk products in 1999 Cebel Süt Ür. ve Gıda Mad. Bookmarking. Singing. Tic. Inc. was established. Cebel always prioritizes product quality; has improved its product range, capacity and market share every year and has become a well-known and preferred brand in the ongoing process.

Manisa Akhisar'da Cebel Olive and Agriculture with the investment. Food San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. Currently, 15,000 m² in Konya, 10,000 m² in Akhisar, a total of 25,000 m² closed area of the companies that realize their production, experience and technology has taken place among the leading companies of the Turkish Food Industry. Our modern enterprises, which use the latest technology in their productions, have adopted the product quality as their main objective, have obtained the certificates of KQ TSE-ISO-EN 9000 quality management system and GF TSE-ISO-EN 22000 Food safety management system, providing quality control at all stages of production and gaining the trust of our consumers. .

In addition to product quality, the company continuously improves its product range by conducting the necessary R & D studies in line with customer expectations. With our long-standing relationships and support with thousands of producers' producers, we work to ensure the continuity of our agricultural and livestock breeding, to ensure the continuity of our product quality and to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction.


Cebel, one of the long-established companies in the breakfast products sector, appeals to the sector and Turkish taste with its structure that makes consumer-oriented growth a pioneer. For present and future; Our brand, which aims to create sustainable strategies, is committed to protecting its human-oriented approach at all times.


We use technology in a way to serve human health and adopt the meden untouched üretim production strategy at every stage of manufacturing. We continue our efforts to become a company that provides added value to our country and people with our trained human resources.


By using qualified work force, we aim to be the employer of choice by the experts in the field and to assume the responsibility of development of the employees with the principle of "continuous improvement". In line with our goals of sustainable growth, we are building our company open to development and supporting mental transformation for our white and blue collar colleagues.

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