Americule produces the POLYBALL™, screen cleaning sifter balls, incorporating advanced molding technology that provides advantages of high-performance polyurethane at competitive prices. The premium qualities of the standard Polyball™ include abrasion resistance, durability, and rebound. The Polyball™ is available in a variety of sizes, colors and even with a solid magnetic steel core. Build up or “blinding” on vibrating screens is a maintenance headache, causing downtime and loss of productivity. Screen cleaning balls are vital to the effectiveness of the sifting/grading process in many industries. Adding a magnetic stainless steel core to the already premium quality Polyball™ provides customers with a detectable screen cleaning ball that outlasts and outperforms the rest. Stainless steel cores are sized specifically to the outer dimensions of the Polyball™ to ensure detection by magnet or metal detector in any system. Americule’s solid stainless steel core is the ultimate solution. Outstanding features: • Solid cast thermoset polyurethane • Extreme abrasion resistance • Non-porous, resistant to oil, moisture, chemicals • Optimum rebound resilience and durometer (hardness) • FDA approved for dry, aqueous and fatty foodsAmericule also produces an ultra-soft shock absorbing polymer, Americule Impact Material (AIM™). Unparalleled impact absorption of 92 percent, Shore OOO-S, returns to original shape after elongation and moldable to meet your protection needs.

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