Since 1991 MECAMAQ manufactures hydraulic presses to broad sectors of application, such as automotive, aeronautics, eolian, moulds and die-casting, oxicutting industry, workshops and maintenance industries… 

On 2014 MECAMAQ move the facilities to a new factory with the best technologies and the best infrastructure to improve our capacity to manufacture bigger and powerful machines. 
Engineering and development

Our engineering department, with skilled professionals, is working to solve any customer requirements.The result is machine according to the customer specifications. For all of our projects, when we have the machine design, we send to the customer in 3D format to check everything on the machine design (dimensions, power, etc…) before start the machine manufacturing. Our relationship with the customers is based in keep in touch with him to avoid any problem during the project development. 

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23927 PCM-100 technical card
23928 PCM-150 technical card
23929 workshop press brochure
23930 C-frame press brochure
23931 Hydraulic pres Custom series Catalogue
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