“We design and construct drilling machines and equipment with models of variable diameter and performance to adapt to the sectors in which they are to be used.”

Our company was set up in 1995, in our original premises now used to produce components, drilling equipment and hydraulic tools.

Today Hydra manufactures its machines at a new plant covering 11,000 m2, which is equipped with a raw materials and spare parts warehouse, production workshop and offices (technical and sales). A new company for machine and equipment hire has recently been set up.

Our values

Design - production – support

The passion for mechanics and the work experience gained in this sector enables us to be pro-active, providing fast deliveries and flexibility in customizing standard models.

We operate independently at the following stages:

- design

- structural work construction

- equipment manufacture

- mechanical processing

- fitting/assembly

- support and consultancy

- after-sales support

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24008 Hydraulic drilling unit brochure
24009 Drilling machines Geotechnical-Geothermal-Water wells JOY4 brochure
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