39 Years Full of Truths

Commenced its operations in 1979 and completed its investment activities in a short time and started production in Konya-Meram facilities.

Doing customer satisfaction and quality understanding in the forefront and making production in the shortest time in Turkey and abroad has become an international brand used by millions of families.

Konya Headquarters and Istanbul Branch Office and domestic and overseas sales and after-sales service network to all customers by expanding.

Dogrular, which exports 60% of its annual production to Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and the Russian Federation, has established representative offices in many countries.

Dogrular, who is not satisfied with the position, always has an understanding that aims to take further steps, and realizes big investments to achieve its goals.

In 2005, it established a factory in Konya Organized Industrial Zone on a closed area of 26.000 m² and an open area of 45.000 m².

Dogrular aims to serve you for many years by combining its experience and support from many years of experience and criticism.

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