Mogens Petersen and Hans Tyndeskov founded Kongskilde in 1949. The personality and honest style of the two entrepreneurs was unusual for the executives of the big companies. At Kongskilde, they created a special atmosphere in which hundreds of employees felt they were part of a single large international family and invested in all their energies to ensure the success of their companies.

Seeds were sown after two young colleagues (Mogens Petersen, 30, and Hans Tyndeskov, 26) decided to start what they called a "company of their kind". They already had technical and administrative training and several years of experience respectively. And their know-how, hard work, talent and personality proved to be the perfect combination.

Mogens and Hans knew each other very well - both colleagues and their leisure time. They came from the same region and played football for the same team, among others. As Hans married Mogens' sister, the union was sealed even more tightly.

Before starting the company, Mogens had designed a grain blower that would make it difficult for farmers to move the grain sack produced by threshing machines traveling from farmers to Denmark. This happened before the harvesters arrived.

The two young producers borrowed DKK 15,000 against life insurance policies and a month later rented a small building from Mogens' father, which used to be DKK 75 per month for cement work. This building is still part of Kongskilde's 35,000 m2 building complex in Sorø, Denmark.

Mogens and Hans started with one employee. There was only one product in range and only one grain blower was produced. It was tested on the neighboring farm and worked satisfactorily. It was then sold to a farmer in the same village. The next series of 3 grains was sold in the same region. And that's how Kongskilde started.

The first years consisted of a long and exciting development with new products, employees and buildings added every year. Export activities were quickly established and a very exceptional international tradition was created for this line of business.

Occasional times have been difficult for Kongskilde, but the company has always made good progress again, and its dynamism and internationalization has continued at a pace and enthusiasm reminiscent of the best Kongskilde traditions for growth.

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