As a Munich-based company, we have grown from a simple smithy to the globally active MEILLER Group. Learn more about the company.

Pioneer of innovation
Family-run as a global player, MEILLER has had a success history of over 166 years. With the history of continuous growth, MEILLER has become a market leader as a system supplier in the construction, waste management and commercial vehicle sectors by continuously improving its service, expertise.

How it all started
Lorenz Meiller had already established himself as a blacksmith, and when he founded Meiller in 1850, he owned three Meiller forges in Mauerkirchen near Endorf, Weissach near Tegernsee, and Heilbrunn near Bad Tölz. The hammer mill and armor on Lilienstrasse in the Au district of Munich were approved on June 1st. 1853, by the local building commission of the city of Munich.

Within a few years, he had supplied tattoo machines and cranes to the forging and construction industry, and in 1907 he laid the foundations for MEILLER for the manufacture of the first superstructure for a crane tipper on a truck. When the company started building trailers, it soon received many orders it needed to build a new factory. Even then, MEILLER was selling its products outside Brazil, outside Europe. His nephew and successor Franz Xaver Meiller continued his studies. His achievements impressed even the Bavarian Prince Regent Luitpold. This person gave him the title of Königlich-Bayrischer Hof-Werkzeugfabrikant (vehicle manufacturer for the Bavarian Royal Court). In 1917 he received the title Kommerzienrat (Commercial Consultant) for recognition of his social commitment.

Post-war reconstruction
In 1918, after the First World War, MEILLER acquired the factory site at Hindenburger Strasse in Munich (now Landshuter Allee). The company continued to perform particularly well with dump trucks and truck trailers equipped with MEILLER rack-and-pinion cranes. In 1925, MEILLER replaced the cranes with hydraulic damper systems, making the first hydraulic three-way damper in the industry setting new standards. After the bombing of World War II, 70% of the company's factories were destroyed. However, with the support of the remaining workforce, they were rebuilt and the MEILLER were soon on their way to success.

Years of "economic miracle"
In the 1950s, things went well for MEILLER. This was the time of many developments and changes. For example, in 1956, MEILLER purchased a share in the Josef Rathgeber AG railway wagon factory in Munich-Moosach. In 1962 Franz Xaver Meiller left the company and his son, Franz Xaver Meiller (Dipl.-Ing.), Took over and developed the production range in the 1970s. In order to achieve more production capacity, the company moved to the larger Rathgeber facilities. This is still MEILLER's headquarters today. The Rathgeber production range has been gradually phased out for elevator doors, dump truck production.

In the 1990s, the company opened new plants in Karlsruhe, the Slaný in the Czech Republic, in Waidhofen / Ybbs and Asten in Austria - at the same time MEILLER (SARL) founded France and in the late 1990s IFE introduced the field of vehicle technology. It took over. In the following years, MEILLER continued the expansion course and in 2004 acquired the dump product group of Kögel Fahrzeugwerke. In 2007, a new assembly plant was opened in Niepolomice, Poland. MEILLER Vostok was founded in 2011 in Russia. In June 2017, MEILLER acquired the British tipper manufacturer Boweld Truck Bodies Ltd. The acquisition of this company allowed MEILLER to increase its access to the UK market, while BOWELD provided access to new products such as trailers. , hook lifts and jump handlers.

Future innovation
We always try to develop the best technical solutions and market-oriented innovations. To date, many of MEILLER's technical milestones and innovations continue to shape the construction, waste management and commercial vehicle sectors around the world.

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