Otopront has been trusted and appreciated by ENT experts for over 60 years. The closer the ties between markets and people on a global scale, the greater the demand from customers from all over the world.

While Otopront was a company with a priority German customer base, it became a globally active company. Otopront is represented by a reliable sales and service network in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Each member of the Otopront team is responsible for providing satisfaction to our customers. Taking responsibility means sticking to an ideal and doing everything possible to achieve the set goals. This is what we mean by reliability.

The concept for the first ENT diagnostic and treatment unit in Germany was developed on the basis of a dental unit. This multifunctional device was presented by the CH in 1950 at the ENT congress in Bad Kissingen. Happersberger continues to establish Jost & Happersberger KG.

The unit, in particular the Wiesbaden City Hospital, former head of the ENT Department, Dr. Preusse and his senior doctor. It was further enhanced by the collaborative effort of the ENT physicians working with Müller. OTOPRONT It was Preusse.

ENT diagnostic and treatment unit OTOPRONT, 1953. The first Otopront product line was very popular at home and abroad.

Important steps in the history of OTOPRONT units include the establishment of a series of university hospitals (Heidelberg, Würzburg, Hamburg, Cologne, Erlangen) during the period 1959-1961. In addition, all major German Army hospitals chose OTOPRONT diagnostic and treatment units.

He retired in 1980 as the founder and owner of Jost & Happersberger KG. The organization was transferred to the next generation and the company was renamed Happersberger otopront GmbH.

The product range has been continuously expanded and upgraded since then. Following the classics of Freiburg and Ravensburg from the 60s and 70s, ESSEN followed the series, 1996 succeeded by BASIC PLUS. With more than 5000 copies sold, this model is the most successful ENT device. Otopront will continue to accompany advanced drugs with sophisticated solutions.

Another focus is the continuous development of diagnosis, video endoscopy and imaging in the ENT field. Since the introduction of our first portable video system PES1 in 1996, Otopront videoendoscopy has been completed as a comprehensive ENT product company.

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