A world-class company with excellence in productivity
EMG, a manufacturer with well-known expertise, has developed a wide range of products and services for the last 3 generations, which are appreciated by manufacturers around the world. Used successfully in many industrial sectors since 1966, EMG presses have become the most reliable partner of manufacturers offering equipment that is synonymous with precision and durability.

EMG has earned its reputation for excellence thanks to its integrated design and manufacturing methods and robust technological strength.
This is supported by an efficient distribution network in line with manufacturers' expectations.
Utilizing a strategy dedicated to the search for quality and active performance, EMG equipment provides competitiveness, reliability and durability, the core values of company productivity in numerous areas:
Watchmaking, jewelery making,
Glasses trading
Household electrical appliances,
Car construction,
White goods, toys,
Locksmiths trading…
Thanks to the power reserve of each model and the accuracy of the rigorous unit, the most diverse tasks run smoothly. The entire EMG range offers a wide range of business applications and customizations (made by Taylor): Self-management of the design / production process, LONG company undertakes to design and adhere to the specific pressure your business demands.

Our presses are delivered with user manual, EC declaration of conformity and drawings. Parts benefit from a one-year total warranty for labor and travel.

Quality approval: ISO-9001 CERTIFIED FOR 2000

Sirah: 780 084 901 00013
Year established: 1966
Area: press manufacturer / EMG brand
General Manager: Stéphane UZUN
Capital: 1 000 000 €

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