“The name Schuler represents technological expertise, strength in innovation, clear customer focus and a workforce committed to conducting the business ethically and responsibly. This has long been our tradition, dating back to 1839 when Schuler was founded on the principles of an honorable merchant. Today, this ethics is based on the excellent reputation we have gained with our customers all over the world, as well as in our industry, capital markets and worldwide communities. For a successful, traditional company like Schuler, it continues without the need to comply with legal regulations. Violations such as corruption and violation of competition laws, for example, are serious threats to our success and will not be tolerated without exception. In other words, we have a tolerans zero tolerance policy.. Our belief is that competition and violations of laws on exports or other forms of illegal conduct and violations of rights are never justified in our attempts to win contracts. We propose the agreement and perhaps fail to achieve our internal goals rather than violating applicable laws or accepted standards and values. "

The Board of Directors of Schuler AG has issued this Compliance Commitment, which expresses our attitude to comply with applicable laws and guidelines throughout the Group. The clarity of these statements is primarily aimed at protecting the company and its employees.

We have taken comprehensive measures with our Compliance Program to ensure that corruption and competition regulations, export trade laws and other standards as well as relevant institutional rules are observed. Violations will not be tolerated and sanctions will be imposed against those concerned. All members of the Board of Directors, all General Managers, all senior executives and each employee must be fully aware of the extraordinary risks that such violations represent to Schuler and themselves. Each employee is required to be actively involved in the implementation of Schuler's Compliance Program within his or her area of responsibility.

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2385 stamping_cutting_broschuere_stanzsysteme_umformsysteme
2386 uebersicht_broschuere_produkte_massivumformung
2387 forging_broschuere_exzenterpressen_MSe
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