Since we are farmers, there is always a change to ensure that our customers are well informed about the requirements of our products. Farmers are our motivation, our driving force and our partner at the same time. We attach great importance to close relationships with our customers and approach them equally. We are a friend and a community - together with them - for better and better for the farmers we talk to each other, conduct tests and share our experiences with. This bond between us is our backbone, helping us never forget what we are working for. With the inspiration of the farmers, we want to improve and direct farming, and we want to give each farmer the opportunity to contribute personally.



When we think of the perfect slogan for HORSCH, there was something flowing in our minds: çilik Farming with passion ”. For this passion is seen in each of our products as well as in the actions of each HORSCH employee. Everyone in the company - from management to repairman - is passionately working to make a simple product a perfect product based on innovation and uncompromising quality and perfectly adapted to the needs of every farmer in every country. “There have always been farmers engaged in intensive cultivation of land. Agriculture has a future and much work is needed for farmers as well as for manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Every time a farmer's tractor looks in the rearview mirror and sees red, he knows that he prefers quality without compromise.

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