You may be familiar with BIG KAISER, but we're still wondering who we are. Here is a brief company history and some of the areas we specialize in. For more specific company information, please visit our location pages.

Founded in 1948, BIG KAISER designs, manufactures and markets high-precision tool systems and solutions for the automotive, military, aerospace, energy and micro-technology sectors such as medical, electronics and watchmaking. The global company has facilities in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. The product portfolio is made in Switzerland, Japan and the USA, which consists of more than 20,000 precision tools that meet the highest quality standards. A trendsetter in precision, performance, innovation and service, BIG KAISER takes pride in the production of direct electronic measuring systems for digital gauges and digital precision drill heads to ensure absolute adjustment accuracy and eliminate operating errors. BIG KAISER is part of the HUGE Daishowa Group with 900 employees worldwide.

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