The company Paola Lenti, founded in 1994 in Meda, is led and managed by Anna and Paola Lenti. Year after year, the company has built its own identity, internationally recognized: the original approach to materials and forms, together with a personal interpretation of colour, contribute to the uniqueness of its collections, shaping an unprecedented living concept, for both the interiors and the exteriors, capable of combining high functional and aesthetic qualities.
The industrial reality of the company is now made up of multiple professionals – engineers, architects, tailors, upholsterers, weavers – and consolidated collaborations with local craftsmen and workers capable of best interpreting Paola Lenti’s projects, thus enhancing an entirely Italian production chain.
Natural and manmade fibres are transformed into exclusive, refined and resistant yarns and fabrics, thanks to modern technological solutions that coexist with the unique mark of Italian craftsmanship. Textile projects thus become incomparable rugs, seating furniture and movable backdrops for interiors and exteriors. With wood, ceramics, glass, stones, metals and recyclable fibres, they establish a dialogue through colours and finishes to create harmonious and coordinated spaces. The selection of a wide range of sustainable and innovative materials results from a continual research activity, capable of achieving high technical performances and preserving the quality and durability of the products.

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54783 Outdoor and indoor rugs (it, en)
54784 Outdoor and Indoor Living (it, en)
54785 Landscapes Collection (it, en)
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