Our company “Baha’a Eldeen Al-Bustanji & Partners Co.” was founded in 2008 as trading company for sugar and Sesame in Al-Karak, Jordan. In 2014 the company moved to Amman and a new activity has been added to the company which is food production and the factory start producing Tahini and halva in the beginning of 2015. The company had been growing rapidly and widened its range of products. In 2019 it build new plant and moved its office and the old plant to the new premises in Al-Muwaqar development Zoon outside Amman to increase its products capacity due to high demand in the local and international market. The new production line is a unique line around the world, it is fully automated and it has 5 sieving stages of sesame seeds, in addition sortex machine added to the line to ensure the high quality of sesame after roasting. Today “Shaikh Alkar” produces a wide range of traditional food products based on sesame seeds (halva, tahini sesame paste and bakery sesame seeds). Our products under the brand name “Shaikh Alkar” is retailed in all Jordan and worldwide and can be easily found both in small grocery shops and in largest supermarkets. Additionally we produce many brands for customers in Jordan and outside, of their private label, We also supply food products for catering and for professional application. At the same time our exports exceed 25 percent of the total sales, with most customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Arab gulf countries and European countries. Many of our products are also sold under private label brands, we consider this the real proof of our customers’ trust in our winning combination of the traditional recipes, quality raw materials and the modern production methods.

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