For about 70 years now, approximately around the 50s, a massive mansion started its very own humble business by providing grain products to the neighborhood. Al- Suhagy was the first and oldest grain seller in Shobra, Cairo, Egypt. For a sufficient time, Faiez Al Suhagy has been providing the Egyptian public with high quality grains, legumes, spices and herbs. He has been known for his good quality and innovative tactics towards satisfying customers. Not only that he has the best quality in town, yet, he was one of the pioneers who sold grains in a package. We take pride in our identity, said the Suhagys. Since day one, premium quality and experience have always been a Suhagy edge. Putting all values, principles and running strategies ahead. Nevertheless, he always led by example and always took the first steps towards innovation. All starting the industrial innovation era back then in the 70s up until now.

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