LD Seating a Czech family-owned company founded in 1993, is the manufacturer of designed office furniture and is considered the leader in this industry in Central Europe. The company exports swivel chairs, sofas and armchairs all over the world. Most products are designed by Czech or Italian designers (Filip Streit, Baldanzi and Novelli, Orlandini). LD Seating's philosophy is based on bringing comfortable and ergonomic seating into formal office spaces and making the working environment trendy and inspiring. Our products are designed for offices, open spaces and lounge zones but can be used also in cafés, restaurants and residences.

Timeless design and precise handwork
The combination of unique design and high functionality is typical for all our products. We believe that the devil lies in the detail. That is why our products are distinguished by small differences - e.g. stronger construction than usual or hidden mechanisms of swivel chairs.
LD Seating is known for the precise upholstery and sewing of its products. The sewing and upholstery workroom is the heart of LD Seating. Although production automation is a matter of course in many industries, we still believe in the irreplaceability of the human factor. Even though we have a minimalist design, when sewing and then upholstering the furniture, it is necessary to make a thousand microscopic movements to ensure that everything fits properly. And for this reason we cannot do without the careful and precise handwork of our seamstresses and upholsterers.

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65092 Twist Design by Rostislav Balcárek
65093 Time
65094 Web Omega
65095 Trend Design by Scagnellato & Ferrarese
65096 Wave Design by Sandonà & Bettini
65097 Open Port
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