A 100% Spanish handcrafted product, Hisbalit offers two non-slip finishes (finishes B and B3) and complies with current safety regulations verified through technical testing by internationally recognised laboratories. The company offers an endless combination of colours, textures, formats and finishes. A choice of over 200 option and “à la carte” designs, available though the personalisation service Art Factory Hisbalit. Tiles’ joints are only 2 mm wide, letting the mosaic assume the main role. Hisbalit uses a non-porous material with 0% absorption, resistant to chemical agents and totally unalterable over time: easy to clean and totally hygienic and anti-allergenic, these mosaics do not absorb any humidity, preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. It is also an ecological and environmentally friendly material, easy to install and virtually maintenance-free. The size of the tiles allows a perfect fit to any surface, flat or curved, guaranteeing excellent and lasting results; moreover, the tiles are specially designed to walk over them barefoot, because edges and corners are carefully treated to eliminate any risk of cuts or abrasion

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65099 Pools
65100 Black & White mosaics
65101 Doppel
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