The Varvel Group: experience at the service of innovation

The Varvel Group has been designing and producing gearboxes, gearmotors and speed variators for fixed, low and medium power applications in numerous areas of industry since 1955. Thanks to over sixty years of accumulated experience, Varvel is the preferred partner to international power transmission customers.

“Know-how to do it”: Varvel has the know-how needed to satisfy customers' requests in the best way possible. Our strength lies in unrivalled know-how, manifested in our ability to offer customers a vast range of top quality standard solutions and custom solutions to respond to specific needs.

An in-house Research and Development department and a strong commitment to continuous improvement are clear proof that Varvel uses the experience it has acquired over the years to pursue innovation as an answer to the needs of today's constantly changing market.

The Varvel Group designs and manufactures its entire range of products at its plant in Valsamoggia, Italy, and is represented worldwide by two subsidiaries (in the United States and India) and a global network of over 100 commercial partners.

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