Americana Meat Company is the biggest company in Americana Group Americana Meat started in 1972 by introducing a comprehensive collection of over 100 original high-quality products, which are either ready-to-serve or require minimal preparation, Americana Meat quickly established itself as one of the favored brands for consumers all over the MENA region. Made from 100% Halal sources, Americana Meat’s range includes quality frozen products that require minimal preparation such as burgers, nuggets, popcorn-style minces, frankfurters, kebabs and kofta, as well as ready-to-serve items like Mortadella, besides seafood, Vegetables and Pastries. Products are made in five different factories in Kuwait and KSA.
For more than forty five years, it stands today as one of the leading Arab companies in the field of integrated foods, with many, diverse affiliated companies across the Middle East. From the very beginning, NFC has set out to distinguish itself from its competitors, through the continuous application of the highest standards of quality and hygiene, all in strict accordance with Islamic Sharia rules, with the goal of catering to the different tastes of Arab families.
This proved to be a recipe for success, with NFC becoming the largest meal products manufacturer in the Middle East. NFC is at the cutting edge of this field and represents the most forward-thinking executives today, and the leaders of tomorrow; simply this is one of our business intelligence tools, marketing innovation and best practices support that are essential to yield the marketing benefits.
NFC also has the sole know-how of the frozen food industry in the Middle East, and an outstanding experience in serving all the famous successful fast food restaurants all over the MENA region. Americana owns a huge Sales fleet and a very powerful distribution network all over KSA and all other Arab countries, through a very strong direct fleet in KUWAIT and KSA and through hiring the best agents in all other ARAB countries
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