Piippo Hydraulic - Designing the flow
Valves for different purposes and needs of machinery and mechanical engineering industries.

We also offer design services for the hydraulic valves and blocks we deliver. Still, we are not a design office, making hydraulic design for products manufactured elsewhere. 

We assist our customers in solving problems associated with hydraulics. Many times, we are able to suggest a simpler, cheaper, and better operating solution to replace the current valve. The lion’s share of our delivered valve solutions is tailor made according to the needs of our customer, for example by combining several functions into the same valve block. Commonly these solutions are realised by connecting hoses between several standard layout valves. Our solution is to create a multi-function block. In this case unnecessary hoses and connectors are eliminated, assembly will be easier and faster - less components mean less leakage.

In all our operations we apply the provisions of the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. 

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