since it was founded, CUS Hydraulics  has been engaged in the design, construction and distribution of hydraulic cylinders for the industry specializing in the production of commercial vehicles, operating machines, agricultural trailers, truck fitters.


Our focus immediately focused on the manufacture of telescopic hydraulic cylinders , single and double-acting, satisfying the demands of a market that was then in great expansion, and which has been the driving force for the economic development of the beautiful country.

Our customers have found in CUS Hydraulics  a valid ally for the production of high quality hydraulic cylinders , for the flexible and fast response to specific needs, and for the continuous monitoring of technological developments in the field.

We have focused on high reliability : our Hydraulic Cylinders, the important accessories, such as the safety valves, are all   built in Italy , accompanied by strict practices of ascertaining the quality of the material used, the constructive strength, and the relevance to critical conditions. of use.

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