Since the year 1949 IMOVILLI POMPE specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of diaphragm and plunger pumps for plant and crop protection sprayers.
With over seventy years of serving the industry as performance leaders, IMOVILLI POMPE has fostered an impressive background of technical and practical know-how to the exclusive benefit of its clients world-wide. In addition to the traditional agricultural applications, IMOVILLI POMPE products are currently used for:

- Professional lawn care and maintenance
- Greenhouses care, horticultural and nursery gardening
- Hobby & Garden
- Pest control, disinfection and sanitizing of buildings and environmental control
- Industrial applications: washing, spraying, cooling, circulating of pressurized liquids
- Fire-fighting
- Deicing of roads and airports
- Well drilling
- Misting
- Dust suppression

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