Hidromode¸ has been serving the white goods, automotive, rubber, plastic and polyester industries of our country with the production of hydraulic presses and hydraulic machines since 1977.

Successful productions cover the following areas: Hydraulic deep drawing presses ¸ form and cutting press lines ¸ polyester mel bakelite de melamine ureaformaldehyde lastik rubber vulcanization hot presses rulo roll opening doğr straightening pul flake cutting and length cutting lines production buzdolabı refrigerator çamaşır washing machine Dishwasher air conditioning and radiator panels radiator panels catalytic stove industrial kitchen equipment cookware manufacture body parts used in automobile main and sub-industry manufacture PLC and PC controlled robots and transfer devices ... Our country produces hundreds of machines in hydromode area. has made great contributions to industrial life in recent years.

Hidromode has 2500 m 2 factory inside 1000 m 2 office and social usage areas and a special building suitable for heavy machinery manufacturing with a working height of 12 m under crane in total 3500 m 2 area. Each of the halls is equipped with heavy cranes. They have a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons. Having the possibility of loading large press bodies with TIR ramps made suitable for the purpose can provide the production of very large and heavy tonnage presses.

Misyonumuz¸ turkey next year in producing in accordance with the trend of development will be seen in EU norms and quality düzeyinde¸ CE certified functional economic and competitive hydraulic machines both at the domestic market on our investor must import duymaksızın¸ take domestic products provide paves the way for exports.

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