Turkey's Alliance Holding, one of the most dynamic group with a lot of plants in different sectors, we established in 1989.

Since the day it was founded, with our experience of more than a quarter of a century, we produce high speed cutting circular saws for our customers with cuteral branded, semi-and fully automatic, hinged, pillared, rapid cutting and many models such as PLC. We also produce turnkey mill systems under the Milleral brand. As Milleral with Viteral brand, we provide high customer satisfaction by producing turn-key facilities and equipments in its own sector.

Our professional staff with a high level of international work experience, international norms of business habits and strong capital structure, production, marketing and after-sales services process successfully managed; We deliver our technology to many countries of the world with the Cuteral brand.

With the targets we set for the future of the sector and the machines we produce, we strengthen our corporate development day by day and not only in the field we operate; We produce technology, quality, trust and comfort for our customers.

We nurture our knowledge, experience and technical infrastructure with a sense of responsibility for humanity and develop new technologies required by our industry and the global economy. We establish systems that are stable in production speed and standardization, economical in minimizing production costs, rational in energy efficiency, and provide fast and safe solutions for support needs during production and after sales.

At all stages of our production and management activities, we manage our processes with great importance to not only our corporate stakeholders but also everyone we live with, the world and its natural balance. Just as in our own machine manufacturing process, we always take care of the preservation of natural balance in our products.

We carry the effective systems that we produce with the principle of competitiveness in accordance with international commercial ethics to a large number of countries in a wide geographical range. We work and produce with the happiness and peace of team spirit, with the awareness that the ability to conduct production and marketing activities on a global scale will achieve stability with effective human resources management.

Achieving unconditional customer satisfaction and quality improvement targets is one of the most important outputs of our strategic management approach. We do not content with the achievements we have achieved, we keep our ways of learning together in our organizational integrity within the team spirit. We learn, renew, develop as we renew, we offer new systems and experiences to our stakeholders.

With our experienced technical staff, global production facility and marketing staff providing the most effective solutions for our customers, we continue to carry our Cuteral branded band saw machines to more than 30 countries in different regions of the world.

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