He started his business life in 1974 as a small lathe workshop. Mak. Hird. Singing. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti today continues its activities in a closed area of 1500 m2 in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone.

In our 30 years of commercial life, our company, acting with the priority of üretme Producing Quality, Not Cheap ”, continues to grow in the sector without compromising from this understanding. Year in developing their product portfolio, our company caters to dealers throughout Turkey with a wide range of products in the sector of light construction machines. In addition to this, our company, which aims to be active in foreign markets, continues its export activities.

With a structure that is energetic, dynamic and able to keep up with the innovations of the age, Kaynak HÜNER will endeavor to maintain its high success graph as it did yesterday to present the best to its customers.

our Misyou

Our mission is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Therefore, we aim to produce error-free products by increasing our quality level.

our vision

Our vision is best quality, best price and innovation is to be a leader in the construction sector in Turkey and in the world.

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