In 1978, Elektral® was established with the support of the State Planning Organization. müh.m. Was founded by Sayıl Dinçsoy. It is a NATIONAL corporation capable of manufacturing more than 1 million high-tech electronic devices per year in 3 facilities and 20.000 m² closed area in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. Our company has high integration with R & D (electronics - mechanics), electronics, mechatronics, production lines, computer aided design production and machine park, plastic workshops and exports 60-70% of its production with 90% domestic production input.

Realized as the Innovation Finalist by Istanbul Chamber of Industry, which was awarded as the Innovation Finalist by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, it has been awarded the gold medal in the sector with the balance sheet figures, the silver medal in the exportation and the silver medal in the region. Elected as the winner of the 2013 Innovation Award by Ege University, ELEKTRAL has reached the position of the world's top 3 manufacturers.

With the efforts of Turkish Workers and Turkish Engineers, it provides serious added value to our country in the fields of SECURITY and Defense Industry and creates employment. ELEKTRAL, which has been producing in Metal Detectors since 1995, has continued its production in spite of the specifications that describe the color of the eye and not the sight, and has become a World Brand with its high technology and superior devices. Metal detectors, which were imported at $ 12,000 and sold at astronomical prices in those days, went down to the levels of $ 2000-3000 with the production and competition of Elektral. At that time, even the so-called documents (TSA - a reference letter given only to those produced in USA) presented in abbreviated letters to the tender specifications were shown as documents, the resources of our country were wasted and production was tried to be prevented. Today, however, norms have been established with ECAC Doc 30 (European Civil Aviation) and a common competitive environment has been created.

ELEKTRAL A.Ş. metal detectors in the 'Outward Dependence' has given.

ThruScan metal detectors, produced with DSP technology and VLF technique, process and process signals very fast, and have become the producer of devices even to foreign competitors with the Real Time Video Tracking Technology developed with ECAC normed, certified devices.

ThruScan Metal Detector series can be produced not only from EU and US competitors but also from Far Eastern origin devices in economical models.

With its integrated factory, our company, which can hold 3 Million TL worth of Metal Detector in its stocks, delivers the fastest product delivery in the world.

Ministry of National Defense, Land, Air and Naval Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command, General Directorate of Security, the State Airports Administration, Ministry of Finance, PTT, Turk Telekom as having passed the test of authority in Turkey Elektral Inc., from the Mausoleum, the Presidential Mansion, Erzurum Winter Olympics, Courthouses, Prisons, Consulates, Abroad; It has thousands of references from Taiwan, Frankfurt, Dhaka, Queen Alia, Erbil Airports to Germany, Poland and Egyptian Prisons.

Elektral believes that real growth will reach its goal with a global industry understanding and moves and motivates all of its personnel with this understanding. With the effective leadership of management and the participation of all employees; Our company aims to provide quality service and product in accordance with the specified specifications with ISO 9001: 2008 QMS and always in international standards - in the most current norms; It is the biggest private sector investment of our country in the sector, which ensures minimum customer satisfaction, maximum customer satisfaction, continuously educates and motivates its personnel with high quality awareness, observes individual and public interests, is entrepreneurial, environmentalist, attaches importance to R & D studies, is committed to the stability and continuous protection of its strategies. .

These devices, also called door detectors, gun detectors, height detectors, magnetic detectors, x-ray doors, have recently been tried to be imitated by companies from the far east or under the stairs. Please visit the company you bought in security metal detectors which must be selected with utmost importance.

ThruScan metal detector is 100% made in Turkey and supported by TUBITAK.

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