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Yartu Individual and Enterprise for customers;Web -based, integrated joint working environments is a company that develops.Founded in Turkey in 2017, the company serves many customers at home and abroad. The foundation philosophy of Yartu constitutes data security and integrity.In accordance with this philosophy, Yartu provides an on-Premise integrated cloud service that allows users to benefit from the possibilities and flexibility of cloud computing and store their data in their own data centers or in a preferred location. YARTU product portfolio;There are many components to meet the daily needs of users working in public institutions and private enterprises and are also located as on-premise and Eyartu products offered as SAAS service for customers who do not have their own data centers. Yartu, which also includes open source software in the infrastructure of its products, also contributes to the open source world. Yartu Suite and Eyartu products continue to develop rapidly in line with the demands and feedbacks from their customers and continue to provide new services and features to the platform.In this context, thanks to its open architecture, it can easily integrate into customer applications that offer API support and offer a flexible, easy -scale and sustainable cloud platform. In addition to these products, Yartu;By combining distributed systems and cloud -based application development experience with Blokzincir technology, it will allow users in crypto to access an Enterprise -level product without additional server and management costs.

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Konya Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Büyük Kayacık Mah. 101. Cad. No:2 42250 Selçuklu
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